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Ludum Dare Jam #48

Trapped on a damaged submarine, you must find tools to repair the boat before it loses pressure. Fix damaged pipes, fried circuits, and hull leaks. 

Also, blow up a giant squid because you can.

Credits to ArcaneLemon, Kalash, and Toadile.


4/29/21 - attempting to address bug with "W" key not being able to move player forward


Submortem.zip 39 MB


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Loved the style!! This was such a nice experience!


In fact, this game is extremely fun, but it is short, and it could have the potential for much more. It would be a good thing if he had greater longevity.

My congratulations to you for the game.

Thanks! We had fun making it and are considering doing more in the future. Thanks for the playthrough!


seems like it would be a good retro game, also seems it would be a lot easier if you could actually walk forward. this is a good game hindered by a bug that seems to be only on me.

it's almost like I'm It registers the time when I hit the W key but doesn't register when holding it

Thanks for the report. What type of PC do you have? Hopefully I can try to address this issue. Cheers!

@cheezballz142 I think I may have fixed the issue. There was an extra input set for W which was unique to that key. Hopefully it is fixed and you can enjoy the game. Thanks!

ok i'll try it out thanks!, sorry i couldn't get back to you, had a problem, it's sorted out now though.

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good retro